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What is the Lumsden Duck Derby you ask?


Well it is an fund raiser held each labour day weekend in which 25,000 rubber ducks will race down the Qu'Appelle River, with the first twenty (20) ducks rewarding their owners with a prize!!!


Who does the event raise money for?


Another good question. The Lumsden Duck Derby raises money for Lumsden Sports Association. For example last years duck derby along with a new provincial matching grant program managed to raise over $40,000 to help pay down the mortgage on the new iceplant and ice-resurfacer at Lumsden's community owned and operated ice rink, helping to keep down the cost of hockey and figure skating for local families.


What are these so called "prizes" mentioned above?


Now your talkin', I thought you'd never ask. This year mark's a special occasion for the Lumsden Duck Derby, as along with the usual assortment of 20 fabulous prizes for the winners one lucky participant may walk away with one million dollars in cash!!! That's right thanks to our friends at Reinhardt Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning some lucky duck, owner that is, may walk home $1,000,000 richer this Labour Day weekend. Check out the prizes & rules pages for all the great prizes as well as more details on the million dollar duck.








How do you get a ticket for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Simple just click on tickets and follow one of the easy steps.


thanks for stopping by and good luck.